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Charlotte's Web (2006)

The story of a spring pig named Wilbur who has little chance of seeing the snows of winter. In the Zuckerman barn, where Wilbur is raised, the spring pig usually becomes the "Christmas Ham". However, this particular pig is different. He changes the spirit of all the other animals in the barn. His positive attitude towards life does not go unnoticed. A spider named Charlotte decides to intervene in Wilbur's fate and attempts to save his life by weaving five miraculous words into her web. However, the sacrifice that Charlotte makes takes its toll. Based on E.B. White's best selling novel.
  • Director: Gary Winick
  • Stars: Dakota Fanning, Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey, Kathy Bates
  • Genre: Family
  • Rated: G
  • Cinema Release: 7/12/2006
  • Running Time: 113mins

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